Thanksgiving 2015

It’s been a blissful morning.

My immediate family shared a laugh-filled brunch together before curling up on the couch to watch Santa Claus come to town. Meghan and I chose to toss a frisbee rather than a football before snapping these pictures on the street. All the outfit details will be on STYLESILIKE tomorrow!

Turkey Hat

I am posting this before we jump in the car to head to the home of my great Aunt Annie & my great Uncle Eddie. They have hosted us for every one of my Thanksgiving holidays, and I could not be more grateful for the love & joy & endless food they allow us to share.

I have much to be thankful for, especially those who support this blog.

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A happy & healthy holiday to all!


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Rad Plaid

Prada Pump

Attending Catholic school as a child, I learned the power of plaid early on. Here are a few items in this standout print that you can purchase before your holiday festivities! 1 | 2 | 3 Plaid print combined with woven fabric ensures this TORY BURCH … Continue reading 

Fashion Is My Boyfriend


Let me be honest with you. I have never had a boyfriend.  J.CREW BLAZER | MADEWELL SHIRT // SIMILAR | J.CREW SKIRT | CHANEL NECKLACE // SIMILAR | J.CREW HEELS | PAMELA BARKSY POUCH //  SIMILAR ‘   THIS explains why. However, PAMELA BARSKY makes a strong case for having fashion as your significant … Continue reading 

Crepe Dress


I consider myself a positive person, but in the most literal sense, I feel drawn towards light. J.CREW DRESS | Sunglasses // SIMILAR | J.CREW SANDALS   This is not a surprising belief, especially given the visual nature of my work. Being photographed for … Continue reading 

Vintage Twinning


As I mentioned in my last post, I AM THRILLED IT IS FALL. MADEWELL TEE // SIMILAR | THE VINTAGE TWIN SKIRT // SIMILAR | J.CREW PUMPS // SIMILAR The calendar reads September, but the temperatures are expected to climb to eighty degrees today. In honor of … Continue reading 

Floral Flare


I am debuting this DRESS a little early, simply because it is too beautiful to keep all to myself. RAY-BANS | J.CREW DRESS | Chanel Necklace // SIMILAR J.Crew Heels // SIMILAR // SIMILAR // SIMILAR LOUISA shot these pictures on a bright summer morning on the Upper East Side. (ICYMI: … Continue reading