Empire State Building

Photo via INSTAGRAM I snapped this shot of the Empire State Building at NEW YORK PRIDE yesterday. I believe it encapsulates a lot of feelings – reaching towards new heights but with a lot more work ahead. Considering how to best contribute to the … Continue reading 

Rainbow Ready


Warning. Rainbow fever is running wild through the United States. As I mentioned before, I’ve always had AN AFFINITY FOR RAINBOWS. I already own a decent amount of colorful clothing, but the HISTORIC RULING IN OUR COUNTRY is making me want to fill … Continue reading 

National Pink Day

Straight On

OLD NAVY SHORTS | J.CREW HEELS // SIMILAR | J.CREW SWEATER Audrey Hepburn once said, “I believe in pink.” The lady has a point. While this is not usually a color I  gravitate towards, I am feeling tickled by this shade lately, especially … Continue reading 

She Believes


In an attempt to become a real adult person, I have (slowly) begun cleaning out some of the belongings from my bedroom at home. It’s a difficult task, due to my incredibly sentimental nature. However, moving into a new apartment … Continue reading 

All-Day Uniform


The summer can be a tricky time to dress for an office setting. It is usually sweltering outside/on public transportation. But, most organizations keep the air conditioning on full-blast. Therefore, I cannot stress the importance of investing in a solid … Continue reading 

Sk8er Girl

Rock On

But, all of her friends stuck up their nose. They had a problem with [her tie-dye] clothes. Alright, those aren’t the exact words to SK8ER BOI, one of my all-time favorite pre-teen jams, but it was the general idea. Don’t pretend … Continue reading