Monthly Archives: December 2017

Gifts for Home

My Gift Guide for today is filled with items for your home. Recently, I have committed to making my apartment more of a destination, so I am extra excited to share today’s picks. If you are looking for more gift-giving … Read More

My Personal Christmas List

This is my official Christmas list for 2017. So, Santa/Mom/Dad – if you are reading this, here are the items that I really do want this year. While I’m addressing you directly, thank you for always making Christmas a special … Read More

Beauty Picks

Kicking off day two of EAC Gift Guides with all things beauty. Today’s post is a mix of products I love or products I would love to try. Beauty is a personal area for gifting, so unless you are certain … Read More

Christmas Season Pt. 1

In a dedicated effort to focus on the happy moments, I am writing five Christmas recaps every five days of December. I shared PART 1 & only PART 1 in 2016… insert the face palm emoji here. I am committed to … Read More

Pink Christmas

I am kicking off the EAC Gift Guides with one of the most requested on INSTAGRAM STORIES – Pink Christmas! Read through for my top (mostly millenial pink) gifts. More gift guides are coming throughout the week, so be sure … Read More

Holiday To-Do List

December has started with a bang of holiday cheer! This past weekend zipped by, and I am ready to plan the rest of this festive month. As I mentioned in my THANKSGIVING POST, one of my main goals for this … Read More