I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to stop by STYLESILIKE today.

If you are a visitor, I am always excited to hear a “hello!” from my readers. Please never hesitate to drop a line, ask a question, and/or share what it is that inspires you – on STYLESILIKE or really anywhere. I am always intrigued by what speaks to different people!

If you are a company or individual looking to raise awareness for your business/brand, please feel free to contact me as well. I love connecting with others and sharing products or services I feel truly passionate about. Please note I will only represent that which I genuinely feel is worthy of being shared to my readers.

I am able to work in multiple capacities representing your brand, including reviewing a product, hosting a giveaway, writing a sponsored post, and much more. Social media tags are also available upon request.

Please email me at ERINANNCULLEN@GMAIL.COM for more information.

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  1. Leslee Luther says:

    Can I buy a Jingle my Bells sweater?

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